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    Common Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you a registered charity?

    Yes, we are a registered charity in England and Wales. Our charity number is 1113836.

    How do you cover your administration costs?

    The charity’s operational costs are covered by the gift aid scheme, which allows UK taxpayers to increase the value of their donation by 25%. This enables us to maintain our 100% donation policy.

    Why should I donate to KORT/What makes KORT different?

    Our primary objective is to provide a brighter future for orphaned children. Unlike other charities that provide monthly financial support for orphan children living with their mothers or other family, KORT supports orphaned children at our purpose-built home for orphans: The KORT Educational & Residential Complex in Akhtarabad, Mirpur, Azad Kashmir-Pakistan.
    At KORT, orphaned children are provided with safe and secure accommodations, fresh daily meals, clothing and uniforms, and onsite education.
    We have teams of carers, cooks, cleaners, security staff who work various shift patterns to cover 24hrs of each day to ensure care, cleanliness, and security at all times. Teachers and administration staff are also available during the day to ensure a smooth running of the orphanage.
    KORT also support the poor, needy and vulnerable people who are affected by natural disasters or afflicted by poverty by providing food packs, sewing machines, wheelchairs and clean drinking water across Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.
    Our team always visit potential relief areas to gain a better understanding into what help is needed before providing relief accordingly. Our chairman also oversees all projects regularly to ensure that the projects have been implemented and your donations have been spent as promised.
    We operate on a 100% donation policy which means the full amount of your donation will go to the intended beneficiaries. We only use your “Gift Aid” donations and donations specified for admin, to cover our administration costs.
    We always aim to operate in a transparent way and ensure to provide our donors with regular feedback of videos and photos. Our yearly accounts and independent auditors’ reports are available on the charity commission website.
    Please check out our “News” section on the website or follow us on our social media channels for latest updates. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.
    Please visit our YouTube channel for feedback on our latest charitable projects:

    Do you accept used clothing/toys for your orphans?

    No, our policy is to treat the orphaned children in our care just like we treat our own children at home. The orphaned children in our care are provided with new unworn clothing and gifts/toys which also helps them move on from traumatic pasts and promotes good physical and mental development

    Do I need a permission letter to fundraise for KORT?

    If you plan to setup online fundraising pages and will be asking the general public for donations for KORT then ‘YES’ please ask us for permission to do so. This also helps us answer any queries from members of the public and we may also be able to help promote your campaign.

    Do you only help Muslims?

    We care for all orphans and distribute aid to anyone in need irrespective of their race, religion, or faith. The work carried out by KORT is based on Islamic principles to ensure transparency and accountability in all aspects of the charity.
    Donations are handled and disbursed accordingly to ensure Zakat, Sadaqah and other specified funds are spent correctly

    Can I see your accounts?

    All our accounts are submitted to the charities commission on an annual basis. You can view the accounts by visiting the charities commissions website.

    Can I adopt an orphan from KORT?

    No, the children in our care are not available for adoption. You can however sponsor towards an orphan at KORT to contribute towards their sustainability costs.

    What do you do with funds generated from orphan sponsorships?

    The funds are used to sustain the costs of the orphan children’s food, accommodation, clothing, medical care, and education at a cost of up to £70 per month per child. To make it easier for more people to sponsor an orphan, you can contribute towards these costs by sponsoring towards an orphan at £35 per month.

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