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This message is a call to action to all Muslims on Earth at such an important time, COVID-19 has taken hold all over the planet and KORT (Kashmir Relief Orphan Trust).


The spread of coronavirus is not just a problem for China, it is now a worldwide pandemic for which we must all be prepared for.


KORT Charity (Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust) has taken action to slow the spread of the coronavirus in the Mirpur District of Azad Kashmir and to provide comfortable isolation and medical support for sufferers and confirmed cases of contraction of the virus and a safe space for people who would otherwise have been perhaps the most vulnerable to contract the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Emergency Measures In Response To COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


KORT has established quarantine facilities in Mirpur, Kotli, Dadhyal and Bhimber to provide a safe, clean and medically prepared quarantine centre to potentially treat victims and isolate those infected from otherwise unafflicted members of society to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID 19 Charity Appeal KORT


A commission of experienced government funded doctors and nurses with medical expertise and specific knowledge and service in matters relating to infection control and quarantine have been appointed to lead the fight against COVID-19 with the support of KORT.


Call centres have been put in place to ensure fast communication between all medical and emergency staff and professionals and members of the general public, any advisory communication which needs to be put out to the general public can now be carried thanks to our communication infrastructure, any updates about the COVID-19 virus, and the impact on the wider society and also to provide critical support and provisions such as medicines, baby food, and food provisions in general, all of this is made possible because of what KORT charity has put in place to protect the broader public.


Emergency Appeal For Your Donation To Fight Coronavirus


The Support we provide to the public can and will save lives, it is an extremely important undertaking, however this type of expertise from medical professionals, communication experts and all associated equipment, and the care centres we’ve put in place to quarantine sufferers or potential sufferers, and the provision of supplies does not come for free.


We need help from members of society to uphold the high standards of care and protection we provide at the many KORT centres, not to mention the orphanage we have put in place to help vulnerable children to be provided with the best start in life.


How Can I Make An Emergency Donation To Support KORT In The Fight Against Covid-19?


A donation can be made at the following page on the website for donations, this page provides the facility for donations for any purpose be it Zakat, Lillah Or Sadaqah. 


However we ask that if the donation is for the emergency appeal for the outbreak of Covid-19, please put in comments box ‘CVS’ (Coronavirus support), so we can recognize and appropriate the funds for that specific purpose.


We operate a 100% halal donation policy, and 100% of the funds go towards the purpose for which they are sent, all transactions are secure, and covered by the latest in SSL (https) encryption for a secure transaction.

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