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At Kort (Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust) we are acutely aware of the needs of the many people still dealing with the challenges of accessing clean water in certain areas of Kashmir & Pakistan.


One of the most crucial needs of these people is the need for clean water, particularly clean drinking water, as there are consequences to the consumption of dirty water which can be terrible to the health of the people using this water with no alternative. 


Our Clean Water Project:


We have commissioned the build of 25 separate water filtration plants in order to get large amounts of clean water to where it’s needed, which is suitable for the general population and will prevent the many illnesses which occur when unclean water meets the body in the digestive system.


Now we have drinking water in Johriyan Mirpur which can potentially save hundreds of lives and protect people from some awful diseases including but not limited to:


  • Arsenicosis
  • Polio (Infantile Paralysis) 
  • Trachoma (Eye Infection)
  • Typhoid fever
  • Schistosomiasis
  • Cholera
  • Diarrhoea


And others.


We are appealing to the many generous people who have donated previously and potential future donors to donate to our appeal and help us deliver clean drinking water to even more people in these critical times of uncertainty.


Where your donation will be spent:


At Kort we have a strict, 100% donation policy, we deliver 100% of the proceeds to the cause for which they are committed, we ask all donors also to include the ‘Gift aid’ option checkbox when making their donation which helps us with administrative costs, which enables us to allocate the full 100% to the purpose for which it is donated.


Through our negotiations with our partner engineers, we have managed to reduce the price from £6,200 to £5,250, and this saving we pass on to our donors to maximise the benefits of their contributions.


Your donation will go towards the build of more water filtration plants to ensure the population receives drinking water in these incredibly warm climates to protect them from illness and in some extreme cases, possible death.


The Filtration Plants At A Glance:


Water is drawn from a minimum of 100ft (in some cases 250ft) deep underground, which then is passed through a sand filter and then passed through an activated carbon filter to help purify the water.


The finished water product is then held in a water product tank & stored for use post-filtration.


There are multiple taps placed on the outside of the plant, enabling multiple people to collect water simultaneously.


New Vs Old: Differences Between Hand Pump Systems & Water Filtration Systems


There are some key differences between hand pump water systems and water filtration plants, here are some of the key innovations which put the water plant above the hand pump:




A water filter is a device which removes impurities from water by means of a physical barrier, chemical, and/or biological process.


Our water plants filter the water repeatedly to remove all impurities before the water is made accessible to the end user, this prevents many diseases and chemical impurities and bacterias from reaching the residents of these areas, before they have the chance to play havoc with their immune systems, saving lives.


The old hand pump systems are very basic in comparison, and offer nothing close to the amount of filtration or protection from disease that the new water plants offer, with their extensive multiple filtration of the same body of water. 


As a result of the basic mechanisms in place with a standard hand pump, the cleanliness of the water is compromised.


Water from a hand pump is usually ground water, which has a higher amount of dissolved impurities, meaning that often it leaves the water requiring more processing such as the addition of chemicals to purify fully before use, water from our plants has already undergone extensive filtration forcing the water multiple times through filters before it reaches anyone in their day to day lives.


Our aim is to provide this clean, filtered water to as many people as possible, and we can achieve this with your help.


If you would like to donate, whether it be from, Lilah or Sadaqah, or general purpose donations you can donate to us on this page in seconds:


*Please be sure to tick the ‘gift aid’ option to help us handle our administrative costs and maintain our 100% donation policy.* 



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