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Meet the ambassadors we’re working with to provide a brighter future for orphan children.

Dr. Mian Waheed Uddin (PhD)

Special Secretary Interior Government of Pakistan


Last year I happened to go to Mirpur where I was told that my visit would not be complete unless I see KORT. It was the last place I went to see when I was in Mirpur. The imprints of what I saw are indelible. If I had to put my observation in one sentence, I would say, “KORT is a wonder of the world where love and care can be seen in its best form.”

Since that day I have become an admirer of the committed men and women of the KORT team led by Ch. Mohammed Akhtar, who dedicate their time, effort and money for the noble cause of caring for and raising children with no parents, relatives and worldly resources. I feel an urge within to become like them and assist them in their virtuous pursuits of selfless service for children as well as the infirm and debilitated amongst us.

Let us join hands with KORT and spread the message of love, care and kindness towards the less fortunate segments of the society.




Principal WATIM Medical College RAWAT


Former Principal Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical College Mirpur


Whilst working as Principal, MBBSMC Mirpur, I was invited to attend a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the 8th October 2005 earthquake, at the former home of KORT within the city of Mirpur. I was overcome by emotions and sentiments after witnessing children of various ages narrating their sad stories and described how they were given a new life by KORT.

KORT had become home for those children, where they were given all the facilities and treats just like our own children at home under the leadership of Ch. Mohammed Akhtar, who the children looked up to as a father figure.

I personally witnessed the occasion when KORT moved from the city to the purpose-built home for orphans in Jarikas, Mirpur, which is a unique example of an excellently constructed and well managed facility by Ch. Mohammed Akhtar and his untiring team. KORT has achieved great milestones with vision, courage, expertise and the commitment of Ch. Mohammed Akhtar.

Now I am proudly part of KORT which has developed from an AJK entity to a World known Welfare Enterprise.

Prof. Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman, S.I.

Vice Chancellor

Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST)


Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) is an example of providing a homely environment to orphans, particularly those who had lost their parents and guardians in the 8th of October 2005 earthquake.

I have been associated with KORT in my personal and official capacity. Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) has also been collaborating with KORT and helping the trust to achieve its objectives further and better.    

I urge everyone and institutions to join KORT so that its services are extended to the ‘Set’ orphan children. I as a person and Vice Chancellor of MUST consider Ch. Mohammed Akhtar (founder of KORT) a blessing of Allah (SWT) for humanity and in particular, for the orphans living at KORT.

KORT is not just an orphanage but a home in a true sense. Ch. Mohammed Akhtar has set a rare example of creating a unique second to none facility, sparing his life and resources for the cause.

I would like to request the civil society members, and the Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora to join Ch. Mohammed Akhtar to accomplish his mission and to make his dreams come true. We, the faculty members, staff and students of MUST will always be there for KORT to provide a brighter future for orphan children. We understand that only life spent for others is worthwhile. And those who make it a purpose of life to help others are loved by Allah. So, let us enjoy the love of Allah (SWT) by following the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Tasif Khan

Super flyweight professional boxing champion from Bradford


WBU (World Boxing Union), GBU (Global Boxing Union) and WBC (World Boxing Confederation) Super-flyweight World Boxing Champion; Tasif Khan has been an Ambassador for KORT ever since he heard about the impact that KORT has made to transform the lives of orphan children in Azad Kashmir & Pakistan.

Tasif is very passionate about helping vulnerable children and loves to help during our fundraising events when he is available. He also visits the orphan children in our care regularly to boost their morale.  In a bid to raise awareness of KORT’s endeavours, Tasif ran 3 back-to-back marathons in Ramadhan 2019 whilst fasting!

Tasif is now an integral part of Team KORT in a bid to help alleviate poverty in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

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