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Kashmiri Orphanages – Sponsor A Kashmir Orphan

 Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) first began in response to the 2005 earthquake, in Azad Kashmir, since then it has evolved into a multi-faceted orphanage capable of the care of vulnerable people, women, and children from all different walks of life including disaster relief victims.

Kashmiri Victims Of The Earthquake

Hundreds of thousands of people were left without a home, without food or shelter, in some cases suffering the loss of loved ones and other family members, some of which were orphaned children, which is one of the main focuses of our work here at the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT).

Different Aspects Of The Care For The Kashmiri Orphans

Here are some of the different aspects of the care for the Kashmiri orphans, these include but are not limited to:

General Day To Day Care

Feeding – Making sure the orphans get fresh food and water & the food is prepared in the right conditions upholding high standards of hygiene & nutrition.

Education – Making sure the children not only receive high quality education, but the preparation and self-discipline it takes to succeed in life, along with Quranic teachings for Muslim orphans to help build their faith and other religious teachings for non-Muslim orphans.

Clothing – An essential basic need of any child in an orphanage is clothing, we provide this to the orphans as part of our care plan here at the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust.

Shelter – Orphans need shelter, we have a purpose built complex which houses hundreds of orphans allowing for comfort, adequate space and privacy, and a safe clean environment in which to stay.

Sponsoring Towards A Kashmiri Orphan – From £1.10 Per Day

 To sponsor towards an orphan for a whole month it costs just £35, (the equivalent of £1.10 per day), which can be processed using our secure payment processing system (https, SSL encryption) and/or deducted monthly as a direct debit.

We also accept single donations, Zakat donations, Lillah, and Sadaqah along with general purpose contributions for religious purposes or in support of the charity.

100% Charity – 100% Halal

All our donors can be assured that 100% of their payment(s) to us go towards the purposes of the KORT charity.

A Simple Request – Gift Aid

We benefit from the ‘Gift Aid’ scheme, an initiative by the UK government which matches the sum total of any donations we receive to the sum of 25%.

We ask our donors to opt in to gift aid & give generously to our worthy cause.

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