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In Pakistan there are a number of children of all backgrounds in need of our help, in addition to the young men of the future in Pakistan, there are also the young females in just as much need of our help, with our young Muslim sisters enduring the same hardships of the young males every step of the way.

Here at, we provide for orphans of both sexes whether male or female, with separate facilities for the males and females, (the male facility known as the Jinnah house, which is exclusive to male orphans), this is a state of the art facility with round the clock monitoring and staff checking the area at regular intervals, cleaners operating in the area regularly (in most cases every 40 mins) and round the clock protection and security for the orphans in the facility (same for both male and female orphans).

The first wife of the Prophet Muhammad, Khadeeja, was a successful, highly educated businesswoman in her own right. The Prophet Muhammad praised the women of Madinah for their pursuit of knowledge.

This being one of the earliest examples of the capability of women to such a degree, that even the prophet Muhammad (SWT) was impressed by Khadeeja’s abilities and acumen.

The Female Section – Safe & Secure

The female house is named Fatima and has a capacity of 500 ‘Fatima house’ has the capacity to hold round 500 female members around the clock, and on hand 24/7 it has female staff members to deal with female orphans and the many sensitivities associated with growing up as a female in a caring environment, the most vulnerable amongst the children are given special care and monitoring to ensure their needs are met in their formative years.

Essential Facilities

For both sexes (female and male) there are excellent restroom facilities on every floor of the building for the children’s’ privacy and comfort, both bathroom facilities and shower facilities are provided along with cosmetics and everything necessary for the highest standards in hygiene and practicality.

The Girls’ Curriculum – Highest Standards In Education

The females in KORT Orphanage will be provided the best in education, with lessons in Mathematics, Science, English language, and many other subjects relevant to day to day living, once the curriculum is fulfilled there are additional religious studies which are related to the religious beliefs of the individual being educated, whether it be Christian, Islamic or otherwise, KORT charity provides for the different religious beliefs without prejudice.

Our Religious Studies

Our teachings are aimed at giving the orphans the best possible standard of education no matter their background.

In our orphanage at KORT (Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust) we offer the same respect to our female members as we do to the male members, we see women as an undeniably important part of the future, and one that should be nurtured with the same level of care of attention as all other members of society.

To find out more on how you can donate to help us build for the future of Kashmir & Pakistan and educate these young adults to fulfil their potential, then visit the donate page for more information (please ensure with any donations you tick the ‘gift aid’ box in order to support us further and help us meet our administration costs and fulfil our 100% donation policy).

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