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General Articles

The Story of Atiq Ur Rehman

Atiq Ur Rehman, a disabled child from birth was orphaned following the death of his father. His disability also became the cause for his mother to abandon him. With nobody willing to care for him, his aunt brought him to KORT which is now his home.

General Articles

Naseeb Abbas appointed as Marketing & Fundraising Officer

We are pleased to announce to have secured the services of Naseeb Abbas as our marketing and fundraising officer. Naseeb has previously served as KORT ambassador on a voluntary basis whilst promoting & supporting KORT.

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It has been 4 years since our children were relocated from our previous residence in Mirpur City into our permanent home in Akhtarabad, Mirpur. Through the grace of the Almighty and the generosity of our donors, the progress of KORT and transformation of the children in our care has been amazing.

General Articles

No one is born a great cook, one learns by cooking!

Knowing how to cook is very important because, as you get older, you aren’t always around people who can make you food and eating out every night gets expensive and isn’t very practical. Being able to fix yourself meals whenever you need to is something everyone should be able to do.

General Articles

KORT offered support in Dubai

Businessman, Philanthropist and Guinness Book of World Record holder from the United Arab Emirates; His Excellency Sohail Mohammad Al Zarooni met with Chairman of KORT; Ch. Mohammed Akhtar in Dubai to learn about the endeavours and achievements of KORT.

General Articles

Recognition is the greatest motivator!

Children who achieved high marks during the first term exams at our own KORT School & College of Excellence were congratulated and recognised for their hard efforts by our Chairman Ch. Mohammed Akhtar, KORT Trustee Mohammed Rashid Bashir and KORT Manager Sajid Khan.

General Articles

KORT partners with Orphans In Need

An inspirational organisation who specialise in orphan care; Orphans In Need, will be supporting KORT to sustain the orphan children in our care with good nutrition and quality education.

General Articles

Good teachers explain, great teachers inspire!

A two-day training workshop on ‘Effective Teaching Techniques’ was held at KORT for our teachers by Senior Trainer, Educationist and Development Professional Abdul Rashid Chaudhary Sahib.

General Articles

Making charity a piece of cake!

A massive thank you and well done to our Muskorteers from across the country who raised a massive £107,880 by selling delicious chocolate fudge cakes during our cakes4orphans Ramadhan 2019 campaign.

General Articles


By the blessings of the Almighty and the generous support of our donors, construction of the boys hostel for 500 orphan boys and an additional floor on top of the existing mess building (dining hall) is now complete.
Jinnah House is what the boys hostel will be known as in honour of the founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

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