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KORT Zakat Appeal 2024


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

May the blessings and mercy of Allah descend upon us all this Ramadhan 2024.

With the month of Ramadhan drawing near once more, thousands of needy families, Orphans and Widows fill the streets of Pakistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir desperately waiting for your Zakat.


Families all across the whole of AJK and Pakistan are closely anticipating receiving your Zakat in order to provide their families with sufficient provisions to last.

In the Holy Qur’an, Zakat has not been classed as a burden but rather a means of self-purification of our sins and upliftment of our rank in the creator’s eyes.

“And establish the prayer and give Zakat, and whatever good you send forth for your own selves, you shall find it (the reward) by Allah.” [2:110]

So please don’t delay in giving charity in the path of Allah and be sure to choose a reliable and 100% donation charity like KORT.

You can pay your compulsory 2.5% Zakat ul Maal (Annual Zakat of total wealth) as well as Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana) through KORT. We will carry your Zakat forth to the needy and deprived in order to create ease to the lives of vulnerable communities.


2.5% Zakat ul Maal

This is the annual Zakat we must give, of which only 2.5% a person must pay out of their total wealth, land and commodities. Please refer to your local Imam in regard to the specifics of Zakatable items.

Every sane, adult Muslim whose wealth exceeds the current Nisab value must pay this type of Zakat. The Nisab value stands at 87.5g of pure gold or 613g of silver. The value of 613g of silver as of 19th of February 2024 = £362.

Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana)

Pay your Zakat ul Fitr (Fitrana) currently for simply £5. You can pay any time before the Eid al Fitr prayer but the earlier you pay the quicker it reaches the needy on time. Please send your donations by the 15th of Ramadhan to ensure that our recipients will get it in time to celebrate Eid.

Orphan Pack

Donate towards an Orphan Pack for £100 and you will be assisting an orphan child with the tools to continue in their studies. An Orphan Pack includes their Uniform, Stationary and any other school books/notebooks required for the academic year.

Eid Gift

By donating £45, you will be providing an orphan studying at KORT with a pair of Eid clothes, footwear and a gift. We usually hire vendors to come to the Complex so that the children can come and choose their own gifts. This provides a safer environment for them whilst allowing them the freedom to choose their own gift.


For those who are unable to fulfil the obligation of fasting during Ramadhan and are uncertain of when they will be able to recover later on in life, Allah has created a means of ease as well as reward. This year the cost of Fidya will remain as £5 per fast or £150 for full Ramadhan and will go towards the poor and needy of Azad Kashmir.


A wheelchair is currently priced at £60 and your donation towards one at KORT becomes a wheelchair for life for the recipient. We seek out those in need as well as receive applications for wheelchairs, we then assess and provide a location and date for the collective distribution of these. Lastly, we reassure those receiving wheelchairs of a free replacement in the unlikely event of any damage or fault to them.

Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines will remain prices at £35 this year. This enables widows and poor women with a means of sustenance for their families by providing them with a sewing machine as well as a few pieces of unstitched cloth to start off with. We provide a location and date for the collective distribution of these also.

We accept Sadaqah, Lillah, Zakat and Interest donations for these appeals and our registered charity runs on a 100% donation policy.

Ways to Donate:

Website: – Our appeals will be launching here soon but for the time being, you can easily donate via our normal donation pages, but be sure to leave a comment in the comments box for Fidya, Fitrana, etc.

Bacs: Bank Name – Barclays
Account Name – Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust
Sort Code – 20-49-17
Account Number – 13444112
For ref please use – Pack/Gift/Fidya/Fitrana/Wheelchair/Sewing (followed by your) door number (and your) postcode.

May Allah accept from all of us.

جزاك اللهُ خيراً‎

KORT Management Team UK

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